ECS ShareSync Service

Best Business Class File Sharing and Syncing Service


ShareSync is a cloud file sync and share service. ShareSync allows you to easily sync files between multiple computers, the ShareSync web portal and mobile devices so that you can access your files whenever and wherever you need them. With ShareSync, you are also able to securely share your files with your co-workers and external collaborators, like business partners or clients.

It’s easy to get started with ShareSync. This document guides you through the steps to get started using ShareSync on your desktop, on your mobile devices and by using ShareSync Web.


The ShareSync desktop client works on Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP, as well as Mac OS 10.7 and higher (Lion and Mountain Lion).

You will need to install the ShareSync client on each machine that will be used to sync or share files from the desktop. The ShareSync desktop client should be installed on every ShareSync user’s machine in your company as well as any additional machines each user may use (i.e. laptop, desktop, home computer).

Files being synced across multiple devices
Files being synced across multiple devices

Sync files and folders across every device

Syncing happens automatically the moment a file modification occurs

Offline work on PCs is synced the moment a user comes back online

SecuriSync apps available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry

Content also accessible through any web browser

Graphic of permissions being set

Share with recipients both inside and outside the company

Intuitive sharing interface is integrated with your corporate address book

Users can set sharing permissions and change them at any time Sub-folders can be shared with different Permissions than parent folders

Recipients can access content even if they don’t have SecuriSync installed

Windows plugins integrate SecuriSync functionality directly into Outlook and Office