ECS Advanced Spam Email Filtering

is the Best Solution for your organization

Chart of decreased spam messages

When it comes to Spam have you decided "enough is enough"!!! Are you are tired of dealing with SPAM Email everyday? Did you know the number "1" virus threat today comes from virus infected email?

Good News, We found the Cure!

We have realized that it's more than a 'Pain', it's dangerous and expensive too. So we decided to find a Solution to eliminate Spam and virus infected Attachments!

We spent numerous hours searching for the perfect spam / virus email filtering service. We tried the MS Outlook filters & even 3rd party programs. We still had to deal with the SPAM in some fashion every day. Now we have found the perfect answer for every small business to STOP SPAM Now!

Computer screen with 'anti-spam' appearing in big block letters

This solution is Cloud based so there is no software or hardware to purchase. We simply route your organizations email through our Filtering Service first. Then our service using a complex algorithm we analize every email to determine if it is spam or has a virus infected attachment. If it does we quarentine it on our servers. If not we forward it on to your email solution. So you don't need to even see the junk mail because it never reaches your inbox. This amazing service is 99.9% accurate, offers a web management portal, daily digest reports and more. The cost is only $3.00 per mail box.

We are so confident about this service, we are willing to let you try it at no cost to you for two weeks. Ready to get started, Call our office or click the button to send us an email. One of our Technicians will contact you, generally within 24 hours or less to get you started.